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DN100 Wear Resistant Ceramic Ball Valves For Abrasive Powder Exported To Turkey
06, Sep, 2020

YFL PN10 DN400 Abrasion resistant ceramic ball valves are exported to Turkey. The wear resistant ceramic ball valves will be used on silobus unloading line in pneumatic convey system. The abrasive powders delivered in the pneumatic convey system include:

Titanium Dioxide
- Barium Carbonate
- Sodium Feldspar
- Potassium Feldspar
- Alumina
- Titanium Bioxide
- Potassium Carbonate
- Sodium Carbonate
- Quartz
- Dolomite
- Potassium Nitrate
- Calcium Oxide
- Zinc Oxide
- Zirconium Silicate Flour

The working conditions are as follows:

Working pressure: 4-6 barg
Working temperature: 25 ℃
Size of micronized powder:0-100 micron
Valve diameter: 100 mm

wear resistant ceramic ball valve for abrasive powder

In pneumatic convey system for abrasive powders, normal steel valves have short service life duo to passing caused by harsh abrasion from abrasive powders.

Thanks to extreme hardness of ceramic, ceramic ball valves have excellent wear resistance against abrasion to increase the working life, reduce shutdown time and maintenance cost.

YFL Abrasion resistant ceramic ball valves for abrasive powder

Should any problem, please feel free to contact YFL engineers at sales@YFLvalve.com for customized industrial valve solutions to solve problems, improve process and create values.

YFL Anti-abrasive ceramic ball valves for Titanium Dioxide


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