Al-bronze Butterfly Valves for  sea water desalinization  plant
YFL PN16 DN300 Pressure Relief Valves Exported To South Africa For Hydro Power Plant
06, Sep, 2020

Our client in South Africa purchased hydraulic butterfly valves to protect the hydro turbine in their hydro power plant before. This time they purchased pressure relief valves to release the pressure when the pressure is higher than the set pressure.

The detailed specifications of the pressure relief valves are as follows:

Norminal pressure: PN16

Norminal size: DN300

Set pressure: 0.85MPA

Body: WCB

Nozzle: 304+STL

Disc: 20Cr13+STL

Spring: 50CrVA

large size pressure relief valve, large size safety valves

YFL pressure relief valves are also called as safety valves which are used to release overpressure to ensure the safety of pressure equipments.

pressure relief valves, safety valves

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