Al-bronze Butterfly Valves for  sea water desalinization  plant
YFL Control Ball Valves With Pneumatic Actuator And Electro-Pneumatic Positioner
06, Sep, 2020

YFL control ball valves equipped with double acting pneumatic actuator, air filter and regulator, electro-pneumatic positioner are exported to our old client in Philippines.

The control ball valves can be used as on-off valve to open or close the flow. Moreover, they can be used to regulate the flow with the electro-pneumatic positioner.

The detailed specification of the control ball valves as as follows:

Norminal pressure:150lbs

Normial size: 3''

Body: WCB

Ball & Stem: 304

Seat: PTFE

Pneumatic operated

With YTC Positioner

YFL Control valves with electro-pneumatic positioner for flow regulating

Should any help needed, please feel free to contact YFL engineers at sales@YFLvalve.com for customized industrial valves solutions to solve problems, improve process and create values.


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