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Safety Valves with closed type bonnet and stellited disc for abrasive mining slurry in Australia
22, Jan, 2020
The 150#RF YFL balanced bellows safety valves with inlet 8'' and outlet 10'' are designed for abrasive mining slurry in Australia.

The working condition is as follows:

1. Densitiy: 1.3 to 1.5
2. Operating pressure:1100KPA
3. Relif pressure is 1400KPA
4. Temperature: 42℃
5. Abrasive slurry with solids

safety valves for mining slurry

According to the working condition, we choose closed type bonnet safety valves with lift lever to make sure there won't be leakage of mining slurry outside the safety valves.
And the valve seal is metal to metal, the nozzle and the disc of the safety valves are both overlaid with material of stellite which is wear resistant and corrosion resistant.

The technical standards are as follows:

1. Design and manufacture: API 520-2002, API 526-2002
2. Test: API 527-1991
3. Flange: ASME B16.5
4. End connection: RF/RF

5. Flange pressure rating: 150lbs/150lbs

closed type bonnet safety valves for abrasive mining slurry

Should any piping problems, please feel free to contact YFL engineers to solve problems for you.

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