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Pneumatic Ceramic O-Port Ball Valves to Glencore for nickel slurry in hydrometallurgical process
25, Apr, 2019

The 150#RF 3'' pneumatic ceramic O-port ball valves are designed for Glencore to solve abrasion and corrosion problems in Nickel hydrometallurgical process.

The abrasive and corrosive process specifications are as follows:

1. Temperature: 140 deg C (Max. at 150°C when the evaporator shut off);
2. Concentration H2SO4: 25 to 70 %;
3. % of solid in the solution (Nickel sulfate): about 40 %;
4. The process creates a maximum pressure of 2 psi + the pressure of the liquid column which is 12 feet (specific gravity of 1.7);
5. Compressed air is  injected upstream to prevent blockage;
6. The valve can do up to 400 on/off cycles per day;
7. Actual ball valve is a 3 inches stainless steel 316 (CF8M) which needs to be replaced approximately every 3 to 4 months;
8. Piping is made of stainless steel 904L.

According to the working conditions above, we supply to Glencore ceramic O-Port ball valves have 8 inch flange to flange distance and include a normally closed pneumatic actuator.

Normally for ceramic ball valves, ZrO2 ceramic with stronger flexural strength than Al2O3 ceramic is more suitable to be material of ball. However ZrO2 ceramic is not suitable for H2S04, so we use Al2O3 ceramic as ball material for this case. And in this project, the ceramic ball valves only need function as on/off valve, regulating function is not needed, so we use O-port ceramic ball.
The detailed materials specifications are as follows:

Body & Adapter: SS316L
Yoke: 316L
Gland: F316L
Bolt & Nut: 316L
Ball: 99% AL2O3
Seat: 99% AL2O3
Stem & Sleeve: 904L
Operation: Spring return Pneumatic actuator

Should any abrasion and corrosion piping problems, please feel free to contact us at sales@YFLvalve.com to solve problems.

ceramic ball valves for nickel refinery

ceramic lined ball valves for nickel hydrometallurgical


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