Ceramic Knife Gate Valves solve abrasion problem in Power & Mining
Corrosion Resistant Valves

Fully Rubber Lined Butterfly Valves For Seawater desalinization

YFL fully rubber lined butterfly valves are used for seawater desalinization project to solve corrosion problems caused by corrosive seawater with chloride ion.
  • Size:

    DN50-dn1400, 2''-56''
  • Pressure:

    PN6, PN10, PN16, 150lbs
  • Body:

    GG25, GGG50, WCB, LCB, CF8, C95800
  • Seat:

    NBR, EPDM, FKM, CR, NR, Hypalon, Silicon rubber
  • Face to Face:

    EN558-1, ISO 5752, BS5155
  • Design standards:

  • Disc:

    GG25, GGG40, CF8, C95500, Rubber lined
  • Medium:

    Water, Wastewater, Seawater, Oil, Steam, Acids, Alkail
  • products details

YFL fully rubber lined butterfly valves have body and butterfly disc both lined with corrosion resistant rubber to be suitable corrosive medium in various applications such as Chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, oil refinery, marine, paper & pulp, mining, FGD system in power, wastewater treatment and seawater desalination etc.

YFL rubber lined butterfly valves technical features:

1. Concentric structure, small volume, light weight
2. Excellent resilient sealing performance, convenient maintenance
3. Wafer ends, lug ends, double flanged ends, U type flange ends and Hub ends available
4. Rubber lined butterfly disc or in mateiral of DI, carbon steel, stainless steel available
5. Corrosion resistant, easy installation, long service life

wafer butterfly valves, double flange butterfly valves, U type flange butterfly valves, Hub ends butterfly valves


Large size rubber lined butterfly valves for seawater desalination

Why Choose YFL?

1. Experienced in providing best solutions according to various sever working conditions to solve problems
2. Strict quality control from raw materials, machining to pressure test and function test
3. Professional technical support and fast response trouble shooting
4. Approved & Registered vendor of Glencore & Umicore
5. Successful cases and reference list available
6. Customizable, Flexible,  Short delivery time

Testimonials from Glencore in Mining industry

"We are very happy with the results so far, and the valves seem to be top quality.
You must understand that this factory has some of the world's toughest conditions with regards to abrasive and corrosive solutions. We dissolve metals and most products and suppliers we tested in our applications failed. "  

YFL for 誉丰利 means benefiting from reputation.

We cast brand and forge reputation by quality and service.

We focus on your satisfaction and our responsibility.

Let‘s solve problems and create values for your projects.


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Let's solve problems and create values for your projects.
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