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YFL Ceramic V-Notch Ball Valve Exported to Philippines
11, Jun, 2020

YFL Ceramic V-Notch Ball Valve With ROTORK E/P Positioner Exported to Philippines For Abrasive Mining Slurry With Limestone

YFL 150#RF 3'' Ceramic V-notch ball valve with ROTORK E/P positioner, air regulator and filter have been exported to Philippines to solve erosion problems in abrasive limestone slurry.

The existing valve is metal seated ball valve with ball plated with Cr and seat overlaid with Co-Cr-W alloy. But our customer has to replace the valve very frequently duo to erosion caused by abrasive limestone.

The detailed working conditions are as follows:

1. Medium: Mining slurry with fine limestone, the particle Size range is from 2.7 to 4.3 μm (micrometers).

2. Wokring pressure: 900 kPag

3. Working temperature: 65℃

4. Operating time from open to close or clcose to open: less than 6s

According to the working conditions and erosion problem of the exisitng metal seated ball valves, we supply our wear resistant ceramic ball valve as best solution. The ball and the seat are both in material of ceramic, which has excellent arbasion and corrosion resistance duo to extreme high hardness and chemical stablility. And the ball has a V type notch so that the ceramic ball valve equipped with Rotork E/P positioner can be used for precise regulating.

YFL is always ready to analyse the problems and provide reliable and professional industrial valve solutions according to the working conditions to solve problems and improve process for our clients.

Should any problem, please feel free to contact YFL at sales@YFLvalve.com

YFL Ceramic V-notch ceramic ball valves for abrasive limestone slurry

YFL Ceramic V-port ball valves for abrasive mining slurry with limestone

YFL Wear resistant ceramic V-port ball valves for abrasive limestone slurry


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