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Repeat order of ceramic knife gate valves for fly ash
28, Nov, 2019
We, YFL Flow Control Co., Ltd. have finished 150# 10'' and 12'' ceramic knife gate valves for our Singapore customer. It is the repeat order after trial order in last year. The end user have tested our ceramic knife gate valves for one year and they are very satisfied with the performance of our ceramic valves. Our ceramic valves have solved the abrasion problem in the seat area, they used stainless steel knife gate valves before. Our ceramic knife gate valves have extended the working life much longer. We are very happy that our products solve customer's problems and reduce the maintenance cost. We are proud of our good quality valves and effective solutions.

The body of the ceramic knife gate valves is stainless steel CF8 and the disc is also stainless steel CF8 with nitriding treatment to increase the hardness of disc. The disc sealing ring and the body seat are made of high performance engineering ceramic with extreme hardness to overcome the harsh working condition with fly ash. The ceramic knife gate valves are equipped with double acting pneumatic actuator and limit switch. Our customer will equip the solenoid valves themselves.

Welcome to know more about our wear resistant ceramic valves at www.yflvalve.com/abrasion-resistant-valves_c3.

Should any abrasion & corrosion problems, please feel free to contact YFL for customized solutions.

YFL abrasion resistant ceramic valves

YFL abrasion resistant Ceramic knife gate valves


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