Al-bronze Butterfly Valves for  sea water desalinization  plant
Anti-Abrasive & Anti-Corrosive Ceramic V-port Ball Valves for Nickel Hydrometallurgical Process
07, Dec, 2019

YFL PN16 DN25 F316 Ceramic V-port ball valves are finished and delivered to Glencore again for Nickel hydrometallurgical process.

Our customer has decided to use F316 body to replace A105 body for corrosive working environment, the ball valve body is still fully lined with Al2O3 ceramic and the ball is made of 99% ZrO2 Ceramic. These ceramic ball valves are with v-port ball to realize equal percentage flow characteristic and regulate the flow more accurately.

Our ceramic ball valves have been served for Glencore from 2016 and they are all still working well in the pipelines. The working life of our ceramic ball valves are much longer than the stainless steel ball valves or Titanium ball valves used before. Glencore decide to replace more and more steel valves with our ceramic ball valves to keep the whole system more stable to reduce shutdown loss and maintenance cost. They are very suitable for abrasive and corrosive nickel slurry with solid particles during electrowinning applications.

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YFL anti-corrosive ceramic ball valves for nickel slurry

Anti-wear ceramic V-port ball valves for nickel electrowinning

abrasion-resistant ceramic ball valves for nickel refinery

YFL corrosion resistant ceramic ball valves for mining slurry


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