Hydraulic slow closing LLDPT Lined check valves
Marine & Water

Hydraulic Automatic Control Valve

YFL Hydraulic automatic control valves are equipped with different accessaries to control the pressure, flow, and lever in water applications.
  • Size:

  • Pressure:

    PN10, PN16, PN25
  • Body:

    Ductlie iron, GJS 500-7
  • Diaphragm:

    EPDM+Nylon Fabric
  • Temperature:

  • Medium:

  • Spring:

    AISI 304/316
  • Plug:

    AISI 304/316
  • products details

YFL Hydraulic automatic control valves are used widely in water applications. After equipped with different accessaries, the hydraulic control valves can be used as remote float control valve, pressure reducing valve, surge anticipation valve, pressure subtaining valve, slow control check valve, solenoid control valve, pump control valve and differential pressure sustaining valve etc.

YFL Hydraulic automatic control valves technical features:

1.     Globe design for excellent control characteristics

2.     Top and seat ring guided stem and nylon reinforced diaphragm for longer service life

3.     Ductile iron body for higher strength and durability

4.     All iron components are fusion epoxy bonded with excellent corrosion resistance

5.     Corrosion resistant stainless steel seat and disc retainer ring

6.     Various pilots and accessories available for different control requirements in different applications

7.     Meet standards BS EN1074-5, ISO5208, BS EN 12266-1, BS EN558-1


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