Al-bronze Butterfly Valves for  sea water desalinization  plant
Fluoroplastic Lined hydraulic slow closing check valve for seawater in pumping station of copper refinery in Philippines
05, Feb, 2020

After checking working conditions at the copper refinery near the sea, we supply the whole set pipeline equipments to replace the old system completely for our customer in Philippines.

Totally 5 sets of JIS 10K DN500 hydraulic slow closing check valves are supplied together with reducers, bellows expansion joints, short pipes, bolts, nuts and gaskets. The check valves , reducers and short pipes are all lined with fluoroplastic to be corrosion resistant against the corrosive seawater. Fluoroplastic like PTFE and PFA are used to produce PTFE/PFA lined butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves which are suitable for corrosive service. And the stem of check valves are in material of duplex stainless steel F53 to be corrosion resistant.

To reduce the vibration and noise when close the check valves, the check valves are equipped with hydraulic cylinder to make the disc close slowly when there is return flow. The check valves are installed at outlet of pumps in pumping station to cut off the return flow and protect the pump.

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Corrosion resistant fluoroplastic lined check valves for seawater projects

Hydraulic slow closing check valves for pumping stations

hydraulic slow closing check valves for pumping station

PFA lined butterfly valves for corrosive service

Fluoroplastic lined Corrosion resistant check valves for seawater

Corrosion resistant PFA Lined butterfly valves


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