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YFL Wear Resistant Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valves for Coal-Fired CFB Boiler in Pakistan
29, Dec, 2020

PN10 DN80, DN100 Wear resistant ceramic double disc gate valves are finished for old customers in Pakistan. These ceramic dual disc gate valves will be installed in fly ash transportation system for coal fired circulating fluidized bed (CFB) steam power plant boiler.

The fly ash is delivered in pneumatic conveying system, and the fly ash is very abrasive when transported at high velocity. Then the valves and fittings especially the elbow in the pipelines will suffer severe abrasion, and the life span of metal valves will be very short duo to harsh working condition. To solve the abrasion problem, ceramic material which has extreme hardness is adopted to be lining materials and sealing materials of ceramic dual disc gate valves.

YFL Abrasion resistant ceramic dual disc gate valves for coal fire power plants

Thanks to excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance of ceramic, ceramic valves have replaced metal valves in pneumatic conveying system for bulk materials like fly ash to increase the service life dramatically and reduce maintenance cost and shutdown time.

The ceramic double disc gate valves have body and disc lined with ceramic to be abrasion resistant and they are equipped with double acting pneumatic actuators and limit switches to open and close precisely to control the transportation of fly ash.

wear resistant ceramic double disc gate valves for fly ash

Should any abrasion and corrosion pipng problems, please feel free to contact YFL at sales@YFLvalve.com for customized industrial valve solutions.


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