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YFL's Pneumatic Ceramic V-port Ball Valve Achieved Milestone And Big Achivement For Our Customers
06, Jul, 2022

Our customer in Philippine mining industry purchased again the pneumatic ceramic V-port ceramic ball valve with ball in material of F316+tungsten carbide coating.

They sent us an email in dated 18th April, 2020 as below:

''We just wanted to ask quotation for 3" V-ball ceramic valve, our process is fine Limestone and experiencing frequent replacement on our old valve due to erosion.''

And then they purcahsed one pneumatic ceramic V-notch ceramic ball valve to test.

They sent us another email dated 20th April, 2022 as below:

''Sir, I just wanted to inform your good company for the Milestone achieved by your YFL's Pneumatic 3" ceramic V-port ball valve F316+Tungsten carbide coating.

It is already beyond our target to reached the ROI [Return of Investment]. It is a big achievement for us to lessen the maintenance activity and cost.''

Our customer also introduce our ceramic ball valves to other colleages in different team and different company.

We are very glad to hear that our ceramic ball valves have created value and saved maintenace cost for another end user.

pneumatic ceramic V-port ball valves


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