Ceramic Knife Gate Valves solve abrasion problem in Power & Mining
Abrasion Resistant Valves

Wear Resistant Rising Stem Ball Valves

The Rising stem ball valves which have no friction during open and close operation are suitable for server service containing solid particles.
  • Size:

    1''-24'', DN25-DN
  • Pressure:

    150lbs-2500lbs, PN10-PN420
  • Body:

    A105, WCB, F304, CF8M
  • Seat:

    A105/F304+STL, Nylon, PTFE, PEEK
  • Test:

    API 598
  • Design standards:

    API 6D
  • Leakage Class:

    ANSI FCI 70.2 Class VI
  • Ball:

  • products details

YFL Rising stem ball valves are widely used in applications need frequent operation like gas processing plant, gas storage tank, steam system etc.

YFL Rising stem ball valves working principle:

When turn the handwheel anticlockwise, the stem rises and the ball will separate the seat first, and then the stem keeps on rising and starts to rotate the ball without friction until the stem rises up to the highest position, finally the ball is rotated to full opening position by 90 degree.

no friction rising stem ball valves principle

When turn the handwheel clockwise, the stem falls and rotates the ball without friction until full close position by 90 degree, and then keep on turning the handwheel, the stem will press the ball to  the seat tightly to achieve excellent sealing performance.

zero abrasion orbit ball valves operation

During the open and close operation, the ball and the seat are separated and there are no friction between them.

YFL Rising stem ball valves featured:

1. Dual stem guided design to rotate the ball and move the ball in horizontal direction
2. Operation without friction extends the service life in harsh working conditions with solid particles 
3. Smaller operation torque thanks to no contact between ball and seat, suitable for high frequent operation
4. Top entry design makes online maintenance more easily
5. Soft seal and metal seal available
6. Single seat design achieves bidirecitonal zero leakage
7. Fire safe, anti-blowout stem
8. Ball & seat self-cleaning function

wear resistant orbit ball valves advantage

rising stem ball valves applications


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