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Wear Resistant Ceramic Lined Pipes,Elbows and Tees For Bulk Materials Pneumatic conveying system
28, Sep, 2020

Wear resistant ceramic lined pipes and fittings are delivered together with ceramic valves to solve abrasion problems in pneumatic conveying system for bulk materials.

Wear Resistant Ceramic lined pipes, elbows, tees

There are various kinds of bulk materials delivered by pneumatic conveying system in different industries such as Fly ash, limestone, gypsum in FGD system in power plants; Ore, coke, coal powder in blast furnace injection system and carbon powder in electric arc furnace injection system in Iron & Steel mill; Cement, Alumina powder, Polysilicon particles, quartz, glass, PP pellet, Titanium dioxide, Barium Carbonate, Dolomite and Zinc Oxide etc.

abrasion resistant ceramic valves, ceramic fittings, ceramic lined pipe, ceramic lined elbows

In the pneumatic conveying system for bulk materials, the steel pipe and fittings, especially the elbows, are worn out easily in short working life duo to harsh abrasion. To solve the abrasion problems, the pipe and fittings are lined with ceramic which has extreme hardness to be wear resistant for much longer service life. The ceramic lined pipe and fittings are always connected with ceramic valves to be integral solution to solve problems.

wear resistant ceramic valves, ceramic lined pipes, ceramic lined elbows, ceramic lined tees

Should any piping problems, please feel free to contact YFL at sales@YFLvalve.com for customized integral solutions to solve problems.


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