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Repeated orders of wear resistant ceramic ball valves for abrasive and corrosive mining slurry
04, Mar, 2020

Our client Glencore in Mining industry have placed many repeated orders of our abrasion and corrosion resistant V-notch fully ceramic lined ball valves for abrasive and corrosive nickel slurry during hydrometallurgical process.

We have been approved vendor registered in Glencore system in different countries from 2016 after they tested our ceramic ball valves for one year in the toughest working conditions which products from other suppliers failed in.

YFL Abrasion and corrosion resistant ceramic ball valves

The mining slurry during hydrometallurgical process contains nickel and copper suspensions which are very abrasive and corrosive. The ceramic ball valves are wear resistant and corrosion resistant duo to the extreme hardness and chemical stability of ceramic material. The V-notch ceramic ball valves are used as regulating control valve to regulate the flow precisely.

Our ceramic ball valves have solved abrasion and corrosion piping problems, save maintenance cost and shutdown loss for many mining projects all over the world.

YFL wear resistant ceramic V-PORT BALL VALVES

The ceramic to ceramic seal of ceramic ball valves realize excellent sealing performance and achieve zero leakage with leakage class VI. Our ceramic ball valves have been purchased as standard product for backup in stock of Glencore.

Our stable top class valves quality makes us keep solving problems and creating values for our clients.

YFL Wear resistant v-notch ceramic lined ball valves


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