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Customized YFL Pneumatic Ceramic V-Port Ball Valves Exported to Chemical Plants In Russia
21, Apr, 2021

There are one manual ceramic V-port ball valves and seven pneumatic ceramic V-port ball valves exported to Russia for abrasive and corrosive calcium nitrate solution in Chemical plants. The pneumatic ceramic control ball valves are equipped with scotch yoke type single action sping return pneumatic actuator, Rotork YTC positioner, SMC air filter and regulator.

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There are five pneumatic ceramic ball valves used as control valves and on-off valves both, to close the valves in urgent, they are equipped with limit switch and solenoid valve. When there is no supply of air or electricity, the ball will be closed automatically.

The other two pneumatic ceramic ball valves are only used as control valves, the limit switch is builded in the positioner and the solenoid valve is no needed.

All pneumatic ceramic ball valves are equipped with manual override to operate manually when there are problems with the actuators.

YFL Pneumatic ceramic ball valves, cermaic v-port ball valves, wear resistant ceramic ball valves

All pneumatic ceramic ball valves are produced with V-notch ball for precisely regulating. The ball and seat are all in material of zirconia ceramic which has extreme hardness and strength, so that the ceramic ball valves are wear resistant and anti-corrosive against abrasive solid and corrosive fluid.

Ceramic V-port ball valves, pneumatic ceramic ball valves, abrasion resistant ceramic valves

The abrasion resistant ceramic ball valves have much longer workin life than normal metal seated ball valves. With ceramic ball valves, the maintenance cost, shutdown time and loss is reduced dramatically, and the production is much more stable.

Should any abrasion or corrosion problems, feel free to contact YFL at sales@YFLvalve.com to solve problems and benefit from customized solutions.

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