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600lbs Ceramic Lined Metal Seated Ball Valves for corrosive and abrasive slurry in mining industry
17, Aug, 2020

One of our clients in Philippines contacted us for help to solve corrosion and abrasion problems for existing ball valves used in mining projects. The corrosive and abrasive mining slurry with solids is about to be disposed to the tailing's dam and the important metals are already extracted.

The slurry parameters are as follows:

Pressure: 2000-2200kPag
Temperature: 81 deg. C
Density: 1200kg/m3
% solids by weight: 41.9
Solids density: 2800kg/m3
Solids d50: 0.0020mm
Shear stress: 33 Pa
Dynamic Viscosity:μ=0.010833Pa-s

The composition of solids is as follows:

The main specifications of existing ball valves are as follows:

Size: 3'', 4''
Pressure: Class 600
Face to Face: Long Pattern
Body: WCB
Standards: ASME B16.34, ASME B16.5

The problem encountered is passing valve or worn-out observed internally as follows:

After analyzing the working conditions and problems, considering the high pressure, we supply our customized ceramic lined ball valve solution to solve the abrasion and corrosion problems for our client. The body is lined with ceramic, the ball is in material of stainless steel 316 with tungsten carbide coating, and the seat is made of solid tungsten carbide.

The ceramic material and tungsten carbide material both have excellent performance in abrasion resistance. So the ball valves can stand the high working pressure and the ball, the seat and the body inside can stand the abrasion caused by the mining slurry.

wear resistant ceramic lined ball valves, tungsten carbide metal seated ball valves

abrasion resistant ceramic ball valves, metal seated ball valves with TCC

Ceramic lined metal seated ball valves with tungsten carbide coating

Normally the ceramic ball valves have ball and seat produced in ceramic material to be corrosion and abrasion resistant.

When the working pressure is high or the solid particles are with big sizes, to avoid ceramic fracture, we don't use ceramic ball and seat. The ball can be in material of stainless steel and coated with tungsten carbide coated. The seat can be produced by solid tungsten carbide coated.

When the solid particles are with extreme high hardness like steel particles, the whole ball can also in material of solid tungsten carbide coated just like the tungsten carbide ball valves we supplied to our customer in India in steel industry.

Our customized ceramic lined body metal seated ball valves will finally solve the corrosion and abrasion problems, improve process, reduce maintenance cost and shutdown loss, create values for our clients in mining industry.

Should any help needed, please feel free to contact us for customized industrial valve solutions at sales@YFLvalve.com.


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